AfLaT 2010 - Preliminary Program

Date: Tuesday, May 18, 2010
Location: Valletta, Malta

9:00 9:05 Opening
9:05 10:00 Justus Roux
Invited Talk - Do we need linguistic knowledge for speech technology applications in African languages?
10:00 10:30 Aditi Sharma Grover, Gerhard B. van Huyssteen and Marthinus W. Pretorius
An HLT profile of the official South African languages 
10:3011:00 coffee break
11:00 11:30 Piotr Banski and Beata Wójtowicz
Open-Content Text Corpus for African languages 
11:30 12:00 Guy De Pauw, Naomi Maajabu and Peter Wagacha
A Knowledge-Light Approach to Luo Machine Translation and Part-of-Speech Tagging 
12:00 12:30 Rushin Shah, Bo Lin, Anatole Gershman and Robert Frederking
SYNERGY: A Named Entity Recognition System for Resource-scarce Languages such as Swahili using Online Machine Translation 
12:30 13:00 Hendrik J. Groenewald and Liza du Plooy
Processing Parallel Text Corpora for Three South African Language Pairs in the Autshumato Project 
13:00 14:30 lunch
14:30 15:00 Kamau Chege, Peter Wagacha, Guy De Pauw, Lawrence Muchemi, Wanjiku Ng'ang'a, Kenneth Ngure and Jayne Mutiga 
Developing an Open source spell checker for Gikuyu 
15:00 15:30 Gertrud Faaß
The verbal phrase of Northern Sotho: A morpho-syntactic perspective
15:30 16:00 Martha Yifiru Tachbelie and Wolfgang Menzel
Capturing Word-level Dependencies in Morpheme-based Language Modeling 
16:00 16:30 coffee break
16:30 17:00 Ronell Van der Merwe, Laurette Pretorius and Sonja Bosch
Towards the Implementation of a Refined Data Model for a Zulu Machine-Readable Lexicon
17:00 17:30 Nicolas Laurens Oosthuizen, Martin Johannes Puttkammer and Martin Schlemmer
Improving Orthographic Transcriptions of Speech Corpora
17:30 18:00 Artem Davydov
Towards The Manding Corpus: Texts Selection Principles and Metatext Markup 
18:00 18:30 Wanjiku Ng'ang'a 
Towards a Comprehensive, Machine-readable Dialectal Dictionary of Igbo 
18:30 19:00 Tristan Purvis
Corpus Building in a Predominantly Oral Culture: Notes on the Development of a Multi-Genre Tagged Corpus of Dagbani