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thebamboomDorotheeDeleruelawyerBelgium10 years 24 weeks ago
spieglerSebastianSpieglerUniversity of BristolUnited Kingdom10 years 23 weeks ago
BorgeiborkiborkeiwagingGermany10 years 22 weeks ago
JumaKiprotichJumaNairobi UniversityKenya10 years 22 weeks ago
nimaanNimaanAbdillahiDjibouti Institute of Sciences and Information TechnologiesDjibouti10 years 20 weeks ago
GlentonGlenton DownsAfrican Christian Democratic PartySouth Africa10 years 20 weeks ago
retlareMadimetja RetlareMogobaUniversity of Cape TownSouth Africa10 years 20 weeks ago
KabelengaJosephMwansaUniversity of ZambiaZambia10 years 16 weeks ago
neshantaneshantaJonesAfrican LanguageUnited States of America10 years 15 weeks ago
Oarkagen167Kenneth PatrickKhanaCDC UgandaUganda10 years 9 weeks ago
safwanDr Hafiz Safwan MuhammadChohanWork for Pak Telecom; Research for Language as freelancePakistan10 years 8 weeks ago
ggmbarireGathoniMugambiKenyaKenya10 years 5 weeks ago
kokokayibikokoschool of mathematical sciences, QMULUnited Kingdom10 years 5 weeks ago
binyamBinyam SeyoumAddis Ababa University Ethiopia10 years 3 weeks ago
donosbornDonOsbornBisharat, Ltd.United States of America10 years 1 week ago
gichangAmosesgichangAIndependent ResearcherKenya10 years 1 day ago
roykoikaiPaul RoyOwinoUniverstiy Of NairobiKenya10 years 1 hour ago
bensonbensonkitukuuniversityKenya9 years 51 weeks ago
GatiGatiStellaUniversity of NairobiKenya9 years 50 weeks ago
DieterdietermertzprivateSouth Africa9 years 49 weeks ago
ff244FrancaFerrariIona CollegeUnited States of America9 years 49 weeks ago
kasahorowPaa KwesiImbeahkasahorowGhana9 years 48 weeks ago
doihanh   Vietnam9 years 47 weeks ago
kmbosireKennedyBosireEkegusii Encyclopedic ProjectsKenya9 years 46 weeks ago
SarahSarahNeirinckxpriveBelgium9 years 44 weeks ago
deoDeogratiasEmuronInstitute of Languages Makerere UniversityUganda9 years 43 weeks ago
stevenbirdStevenBirdUniversity of MelbourneAustralia9 years 41 weeks ago
kumeshkumeshnaidooUniversity of kwazulu natalSouth Africa9 years 40 weeks ago
ckarucharleskaruuniviverity of nairobiKiribati9 years 40 weeks ago
h.narouaHarounaNAROUAUniversity of NiameyNiger9 years 40 weeks ago
tracytracysakamakerere universityUganda9 years 39 weeks ago
CareenCarenRuttoNishkam Saint Puran SinghKenya9 years 39 weeks ago
MarilynMarilynSpendlMicrosoftSouth Africa9 years 38 weeks ago
AmauryAMAURYCHACONCHAMORROCuba9 years 37 weeks ago
06sbt331KaberiGitauAfrica Nazarene UniversityKenya9 years 36 weeks ago
scmbamboSfisoMbamboUniversity of NatalSouth Africa9 years 34 weeks ago
akaashaakaashaziyaafricaan of the bayUruguay9 years 31 weeks ago
yborovikovBorovikovEugeneCACI, UMIACSUnited States of America9 years 31 weeks ago
ChiboleSimonChiboleIndependent journalist,Tamadunizetu featuresKenya9 years 30 weeks ago
sewangiSeleman SimonSewangiInstitute of Kiswahili Studies, University of Dar es SalaamTanzania9 years 29 weeks ago
ToenshoffDonToenshoffAspiring PHUnited States of America9 years 29 weeks ago
MazviMazvitaMataranyikalivingstone kolobeng collegeBotswana9 years 28 weeks ago
EnguehardChantalEnguehardUniversity of Nantes, LINAFrance9 years 26 weeks ago
AfricansoulDanni00ooUnited Kingdom9 years 26 weeks ago
jimenaJimenaSarachanskySFSUUnited States of America9 years 25 weeks ago
Antonia SchleicherAntoniaSchleicherUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonUnited States of America9 years 24 weeks ago
ObwangiBob John Obwang'iMboriMasinde Muliro University of Science and TechnologyKenya9 years 23 weeks ago
njeriGichuruNjeriUniversity of NairobiJapan9 years 23 weeks ago
leammingtonLemminngtonMaidaHyde-cowMalaysia9 years 23 weeks ago
stiv [at] u [dot] washingt...StevenMoranUniversity of WashingtonUnited States of America9 years 22 weeks ago


AfLaT - doing us proud!

Who is Who

Dear Guy,
I was just searching for member, i.e. their institutions at AFLat in the who is who list and I am delighted to see that so many members have joined in since I last checked. Now, I lost overview, must say. I saw that the member list is reversly sorted by their last access, would it be possible to insert a sort function so one can e.g. sort by name or by affiliation? Would be great. Thanks for all of your efforts, all the best, Gertrud

hello to everyone

well I have just joined your group . am from Kenya and the University of Nairobi, am interested in computations of languages, hope we will stay in touch over the new ideas in the field