Newsletter November 2007

Dear AfLaT member,

we are happy to send you the very first AfLaT newsletter today. It will give you an overview of the content recently added to the site. Due to mail server difficulties some of you might get this newsletter twice. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The next newsletter will be sent out by the end of December. For your information to be included in this newsletter, it suffices to add your content to in any way, shape or form.

*New AfLaT Demos*
1. Northern Sotho Part-of-Speech tagger []
2. Automatic Diacritic Restoration for Ciluba, Gikuyu, Kikamba, Maa, Northern Sotho, Tshivenda and Yoruba []

*Workshops, conferences*
1. Nimaan Abdillahi: SLTU (Spoken Languages Technologies for Under-resourced languages) Conference []

*Newly Registered Research Groups*
1. Sonja Bosch: Computational Morphological Analysis (University of South Africa) []

*New Publications*
1. De Pauw & Wagacha: Bootstrapping morphological analysis of Gikuyu using Maximum Entropy Learning []
2. De Pauw, Wagacha & de Schryver: Automatic diacritic restoration for resource-scarce languages []
3. Bosch: Towards machine-readable lexicons for South African Bantu languages []
4. Taljard & Bosch: African languages - is the writing on the screen? []
5. Bosch & Pretorius: A Comparison of Approaches to Word Class Tagging: Disjunctively vs. Conjunctively Written Bantu Languages []
6. Bosch: A finite-state approach to linguistic constraints in Zulu morphological analysis []
7. de Schryver & De Pauw: Dictionary Writing System (DWS) + Corpus Query Package (CQP): The case of TshwaneLex []
8. De Pauw, Wagacha & Abade: Unsupervised Induction of Dholuo Word Classes using Maximum Entropy Learning []

*Miscellaneous Content*
1. Edward Ombui: Names of birds in Ekegusii [], Professions in Ekegusii/ Kisii [], Parts of the Human Body - Chinsemo Chi'omobere [], The Lord's Prayer - Ogosaba Kw'Omonene [], Meaning of African People names [], Ekegusii Noun Morphology
2. Innocent Maja: What are minority languages? []
3. Roc Jelo: Janga Wolof Blof []