Language Experts Needed

A regular AfLaT newsletter will be sent out at the end of this month, but we thought the message below might be of particular interest to you. Thanks to Gertrud Faasz for forwarding this.

The AfLaT Team

Per the below, we are wondering if you or any of your colleagues who work in the fields of linguistics, computer science or language teaching/literature would be interested in helping us set up and staff a lab with native speakers of the languages below. Our idea is that perhaps there are students who are native speakers of these languages studying at your university who might help us test a cell phone text messaging system. The lab would house computer equipment that we would supply, and we would employ native speakers as testers as well as a coordinator (a student at your university) to oversee the lab and troubleshoot technical issues. Below is some information that you might want to forward to your colleagues:

Zi Corporation has a potential project that involves collaborating with local universities (to the mutual benefit participating universities and Zi) to set up labs in areas where the target languages listed below are spoken. We are interested in staffing these labs with native speakers (native speakers who are naive users) to do some usability testing and data checking /input for a cell phone text messaging system which will be developed. We would also like to find a coordinator for each lab and for the speakers who is university-based (student).

The languages potentially under development will be Hausa, Igbo, Xhosa, Yoruba, Zulu and Sesotho.

We are very interested in establishing contact with linguists, language specialists and computer scientists at universities located in areas where the languages listed above are spoken.

Please contact Margaret Salome, msalome [at] zicorp [dot] com for further details.

Best regards,

Margaret Salome
Senior Linguist
Zi Corporation

Language Experts needed

I have just signed to become a member of your website for one reason: I am interested in doing some research and developing computerised systems for my native language - Ateso (spoken in Eastern Uganda).
I recently had a brief introduction to the field of Language Technology from a Finish Professor and I must say that encounter has ignited my passion to do more for my language (or should I say re-ignited my passion because I have always been active in matters concerning my native language - be it translation or development of grammar/language teaching materials). I hope one day to make a breakthrough in this area, especially given the right forum or opportunity to do so.
Unfortunately Ateso is not on your list at the moment, but hopefully in the near future.
Thank you for your efforts to uplift African languages.

Deogratias Emuron