AfLaT 2009 workshop report

Dear AfLaT member,

we are happy to present the proceedings and report for "The First Workshop on Language Technologies for African Languages", co-organized by the AfLaT team. You will find pictures, slides and papers of the workshop here:

Workshop participants are entitled to a free hard copy of the proceedings. If you did not yet receive one, kindly send your mail address to guy [dot] depauw [at] aflat [dot] org.

Other recent news:
* Kevin Scannell has prepared a language independent toolkit for diacritic correction and developed a tool for Lingala diacritic correction. More info here:
* WOCAL 6 will feature two sessions on language technology. More info here:
* Martin Puttkammer has made a Tshivenda word list available. More info here:
* AfLaT has taken over Jouni Maho's website "Web Resources for African Languages". We are currently converting it into a database format, similar to, to allow community-driven content management. The old web site can still be viewed here: