Locales for African languages

Martin Benjamin (Kamusi Project International) is looking for volunteers to develop locales for African languages.

The African Network for Localization is looking for volunteers to give about 2 hours to creating computer locales for many of the languages of Africa. A locale is the basic instruction set needed to start developing IT applications in a language. The 100 African Locales Initiative is described in detail at http://www.it46.se/afrigen

People interested in volunteering should please contact locales at africanlocalization dot net. The address is also shown on the website above.

Please forward this announcement throughout your personal and professional networks - the more widely this call is circulated, the more chances we have to find people with the necessary combination of computer skills, language knowledge, and web access.

The primary candidate languages are shown at http://www.it46.se/afrigen/statistics.php?order=country_name

If you would like to work on a different language, we can probably add it to the project. Just send an email to the address above.

Several languages have already been completed: http://www.africanlocalization.net/release-13-african-locales

(Feel free to scream about the "correct" name for each language. The names listed above come from Ethnologue, but most languages have multiple names and spellings. The person who actually volunteers and completes the work for the language will usually be the one who has the last word.)

(And to answer the most common question in advance, yes, volunteer means for free - for your language, for your country, but not for money.)

The project really only takes a couple of hours per language, and once a language is complete it will be in the system forever. Please volunteer, or help us find people who can!

Thanks in advance for volunteering and/or distributing this message,

Martin Benjamin