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Project DiLAF: dictionnaires langue africaine-français






Yorupedia created this website as a One-Stop-Shop for various audience who want to learn and know more about Yoruba language; the Niger-Congo language group spoken by over 30-35 million people in Nigeria, Benin Republic, Togo, Ghana, and other Western African countries and other Yoruba descent in North/South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.
No doubt, the site is a research resource center, as it provides detailed information on:
1. Codefication of Yoruba language (from Ajami to the Standard Yoruba)
2. Yoruba Grammar- Noun, Verb, Pronoun, Adverb, Adjective, Preposition, Conjunction, and Interjection.
3. Yoruba Grammatical Tree: Morphology, Phonology/Phonetics, Semantics/Pragmatics and Yoruba Syntax.
4. Yoruba Culture and History
5. Yoruba Numerals etc.

Go Swahili . org


A one-stop portal for Swahili, where you will find the Web's most popular Swahili-English dictionary, the only freely available tools to analyse Swahili, and the largest collection of references to Swahili.

Kumva - PHP dictionary platform for Bantu languages


Kumva is a PHP/MySQL based platform for creating online dictionaries. It is designed specifically for Bantu languages with prefixes and suffixes, and for someone who is learning either English or a Bantu language.

Online Kinyarwanda dictionary


This is a Kinyarwanda and English dictionary created to help people who are learning either language. What makes it different to other dictionaries is that it has been designed for a Bantu language. Words are stored with prefixes, stems and modifiers, so it allows you to search for different forms of the same word. You can search for singular forms and plural forms of nouns, and present tense or past tense forms of verbs.

List of Tshivenda words containing diacritics


List of Tshivenda words containing diacritics distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 South Africa License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/za/).

Swahili - English Dictionary


Software-installable Swahili - English Dictionary (created by TshwaneDJe HLT), with over 16,000 entries and phrases. Integrates into Microsoft Word to display instant lookup results as you work. Other features include bilingual 'linked view', integration with Google web and image search, basic decomposition-based searching, and instant display of related cross-references. The dictionary is corpus-based, and includes hundreds of real-world usage examples.

Web Site Flore


This web site present the name of African trees in different languages.
Today there are 375 names, 17 languages.
The language of communication is French, but browing is very simple.

Ekegusii Encyclopedic Projects


We are committed in documenting endangered languages by promoting their use, documentation and preservation.

Our current works include Ekegusii-English general and lingustic dictionary with illustrations. Which once completed will be available on-line.

Our about 15,000 word vocabulary dictionary and reference material is will be complete soon and for the first time there will be a printed version of Ekegusii dictionary for its speakers and learners.

Somali Online Spelling Checker


RSOL Spelling Checker is a online tool to check the correctness of your somali text. Its vocabulary is based on RSOL Online Dictionary. Using this tool will help to collect more words from somali language and build comprehensive somali word-list.

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