Ekegusii popular sayings and Wisdom

Abagusii, native speakers of Ekegusii language, have in the language stored wisdom and knowhow ranging from ethics to scientifically verifiable medicine. In this forum is the tip of the iceburg - Ekegusii is richer than has been so far believed.

Proverbs dealing with:"wealth, the creation of"

Abagusii neighbouring such communities like the Maasai,Luo, Kipsigis and Kuria developed a language appropriate to their unique environment where cattle rustling was not unknown. How about this for starters? Which we translate and give an application.
Chiombe n'abana

Enibo neya nyatakemogia nyariso riomo.

Kango monibi otari moganga?

Kango moonibi otari mochooge?

Nguba emo tiyanya gochiira rooche.