African languages

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Language Rights in Africa

The importance of language by Innocent Maja

The current multidisciplinary language discourse in law, politics, sociology, antropology and linguistic on the importance of language reveals that language is important in at least six ways.

Online Publications Involving TshwaneDJe Members


A collection of articles and papers on corpus and dictionary topics for the African languages, as well as on language-independent lexicography and terminology software.

The ALLEX Project


The ALLEX Project is a joint project between the Universities of Oslo and Zimbabwe organised and financed under the NUFU agreement (Project nr 28/96). The University of Gothenburg has also participated in the ALLEX Project from the start in 1992. As in all NUFU Projects the concept is that ALLEX should be a development Project between equal partners, all of whom benefit from the cooperation. The Project is designed to describe, promote, develop the African languages of Zimbabwe as general means of communications within all sectors of society.

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