Kumva - PHP dictionary platform for Bantu languages


Kumva is a PHP/MySQL based platform for creating online dictionaries. It is designed specifically for Bantu languages with prefixes and suffixes, and for someone who is learning either English or a Bantu language.

I'm the author of this

I'm the author of this program. It's currently got a few Kinyarwanda items hard coded but it'll soon be completely generalized and configurable for any Bantu language. If anyone is interested in using it, please get in touch.

kumva-platform for kirundi

Hello, I am an University professor who is involved in a project consisting on creating lexical resources for kirundi language, including dictionaries and being the first a kirundi-french one. We will be working together with native speakers of kirundi who have an university degree in languages and translation.
I would thank you very much any information you could provide me about the kumva platform. Many thanks.